There are three locations which people can deliver or lodge their package to:

First Mailing Address

Name of person (Receiver)

Phone No. (Receiver)

Postcode (NRU68)

C/-Pak Fresh Handling

5 Cyperus Street,

Brisbane Airport,

QLD, Australia 4007

Contact details:

Front Desk Reception

Phone: 31192571


Second Mailing Address

Name of person (Receiver)

Phone No. (Receiver)

Postcode (NRU68)

P.O.Box 74


Qld, Australia 4014

Sea Freight:

Vanguard Logistics,

C/- Global Air Ocean, 30 Anton Rd, Hemmant. QLD 4174.

Depot operating hours Monday – Friday from 0730 – 4 pm.

For details of our service, freight rates, and bookings, please contact:

Shibu Mathew – Export Ocean Supervisor

Direct Telephone - +61 7 39097605. Monday – Friday 0730 – 5pm.

Third Mailing Address

Name of person (Receiver)

Phone No. (Receiver)

Postcode (NRU68)

63 Weyers Road,


QLD, Australia 4014

Contact details:

Miss Treannah Dabwido

Phone: 0474641337


Suppliers do not send items to PO Boxes

can use the above home address.

However, first preference is PO Box 74.

  • Effective from 1st July 2019, the cost will be $10.00 for 1kg (ten dollars one kg).

  • Maximum weight of the items should be 22kg only and less than 1m (one meter) in length and Max Dimensions 0.25 cubic metres.

  • All oversize items and items more than 22kg will be treated as cargo and charged separately. Please check the rate with Pak Fresh for oversize items before you lodge your cargo.

  • Perishable foodstuff – Will Not sent as Mail - Must be airfreighted. Please check the rate for Perishable food stuff with Pak fresh.

  • Food such as dry foods such as chocolate, peanuts, pasta etc. are allowed.

  • Valuable Cargo (currency) - Not accepted by Nauru Airlines.

  • Dangerous Goods are not accepted as Mail and can only move as Cargo to be airfreighted in accordance with all Dangerous Goods Regulations and rates.

  • Volumetric Charge rate: Contact Pak Fresh for the rate.

  • The Frigate service is for individual customers and small business only.

  • Please note that all items must have contact details, including phone number of the sender written on the items or otherwise they won’t be accepted. The sender must write NRU68 on the items.