Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

The Hon Richard–Hyde Menke, MP Deputy Minister for Education & the Naoero Postal Services Corporation I was appointed to the Position of Deputy Minister with responsibilities for the Naoero Postal Services Corporation in August 2019 as a new government was sworn in to take on the challenges that our small island nation presents. It is a privilege to be offered a role in helping to further shape Nauru Post, as it too embraces the changes that are happening within our world and the world’s postal system.. I would like to congratulate those who contributed to the sound outcome for the first fifteen and a half months of Nauru Post’s corporatized operation and my thanks to the staff who have shouldered the impacts of the necessary changes as new directions have taken hold. Importantly, we have seen Nauru Post return a dividend to Government from its trading operations as well as making the necessary provision for company tax. I convey my sincere thanks to the former President, Baron Waqa, for his vision, support and guidance of Nauru Post’s transformation. Together, these are contributions which benefit our people and which serve as an example for all State owned enterprises. Nauru Post is not resting on the laurels achieved to date, but is exploring opportunities in the Financial and Insurance sectors, as well as the operation of a mobile café and extended delivery services to our people. The Frigate service which has enjoyed a successful introduction will also offer services to carry excess baggage and will have new bases in Melbourne (Australia) and Fiji. In my short term in office, I had the privilege of representing Nauru at the UPU World Congress (Geneva) in September 2019 and I presented our plea for removal of our “debts in arrears” and a proposal that two seats be reserved for the Pacific island nations. one each on the UPU’s Council of Administration and Postal Operations Council. I recognise the significance of the former government in achieving a major reduction (10 fold) in our UPU annual membership contribution. As we are soon to celebrate the second Anniversary of the new Nauru Post, my thanks are extended to our President, my government colleagues, the Chairman and Board of Directors, in taking this journey with me, the Management and Staff of Nauru Post. We all look forward to the results of future Nauru Post initiatives in developing our nation and affordable services for our people.